Current Exhibition: Pouya Afshar‘s OUT OF CHARACTER

January 12th – January 26th, 2020




OUT OF CHARACTER surveys nearly 30 unique characters from more than 300 years of Iranian history. Shahs, empresses, political figures, military commanders, and persian mythical creatures are among those depicted in this expansive series. Digitally drawn with a light-hearted hand, these limited edition works encourage viewers to proverbially crane their necks to garner fresh insight into the lives and personalities of previously opaque public figures. “I am implementing fictional characterizations of these individuals within the audience’s mind regardless of the reality. My intention is to build these characters from the inside out, investing them with a past and a persona only hinted at in the history.” says Afshar “For the creation of these characters, I tend to concentrate more on the refinements than general aspects. I intend to re-imagine their roles within specific time periods of our contemporary culture and crystalize the clichés about them. I intend to creep up on my audience, hinting on the importance of reviewing the history and how characters carry the weight of its narrative.” Through caricaturesque stylization, Afshar summons colorful, multi-faceted identities from the black and white pages of textbooks and seeks to undermine our traditional means of understanding the past. In doing so, history becomes more approachable, less daunting, and ultimately more fun.

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