Mission Statement

ADVOCARTSY is a contemporary fine arts platform with a mission to elevate awareness of and engagement with Iranian Contemporary Art.


ADVOCARTSY elevates awareness and engagement within the fine arts industry by promoting contemporary artists of Iranian origin, consulting with art collectors and art patrons, and collaborating with galleries, museums, curators and innovative art platforms.  ADVOCARTSY produces diverse art events, art projects and exhibitions with curators of diverse disciplines and international galleries designed to elevate community awareness and engagement with art.  Presently, ADVOCARTSY focuses on artists of Iranian origin.

Artists As Clients

ADVOCARTSY works closely with a wide range of visual artists, from emerging to established.  We work to elevate awareness of artists of Iranian Origin. ADVOCARTSY manages, promotes, and introduces said artists to the fine arts industry including, galleries, collectors, curators, museums and art enthusiasts to expand their outreach, awareness and collector base.

Collectors As Clients

ADVOCARTSY works with a wide range of collectors as consultants to bring awareness and focus in the art of collecting.   ADVOCARTSY  is committed to enhancing the collector experience and engagement as the collectors are starting a new collection or enhancing and adding to a established collection of art.

Galleries and Art Platforms As Clients

ADVOCARTSY collaborates with galleries worldwide with the goal of providing effective outreach to a diverse community of collectors and art supporters. ADVOCARTSY oversees artist introductions to such platforms, thus enriching and diversifying their artist rosters while remaining true to their vision.

Roshi Rahnama, Founder and Principal

In January 2015, Roshi Rahnama founded ADVOCARTSY, a collaborative visual arts platform that aims to address a void in bringing awareness and engagement with the Iranian Visual Arts in Los Angles.  Roshi has practiced law in California for over 20 years, with extensive experience in effective client representation, strategic planning, and creative management. Always passionate about the arts, Roshi has turned her professional attention to the world of art over the past several years, promoting and advocating for the arts in the Los Angeles area, with world wide impact. She has consulted with numerous non–profit organizations, museums, galleries as well as young and established collectors, to help realize their respective goals and missions.