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Bruce Dadpour is a photographer currently living and working in Irvine. Dadpour uses photography to document sites of exquisite architectural heritage and explore the way they are experienced and inhabited today. His work is influenced by the history of landscape photography as well as contemporary photojournalism. Though he has credited decades of studying the Persian philosopher and poet Rumi with giving him “an eye to look for nuances in any natural setting as well as man made structures,” one can also point to Dadpour’s own formal background in engineering as vindication of his unique perspective. Dadpour’s work demonstrates a detailed understanding of the complexity of architectural forms, as well as an intuitive eye for capturing the specificity of a structure’s materials and the quality of their craftsmanship. Driven by a sense of curiosity, Dadpour explores each space with a fresh eye, consciously considering the entire picture plane by filling each corner of his images with texture and detail. Dadpour grasps and utilizes the light present at the moment of capture to accurately portray the natural elements of the frame, revealing how light can affect the mood of a space as well as the people spending time there. Through capturing moments which are familiar to us all, such as friends sitting and talking, or light falling through a doorway, Dadpour delivers relatable, preserved snippets of everyday life with sensuality and grace.