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Marjam Oskoui is a transmedia fine artist working and living in Los Angeles since 1992. Oskoui had a nomadic childhood; born in Giessen, Germany, Marjam was raised in Tehran, Iran, and moved to Hannover, Germany when her family was exiled in 1973. It was here that she received her early education, and she also credits heavy artistic influence to the Dada artists active in Hannover at this time. Oskoui entered the University Hildesheim to study Culture and Art, though It was not until 1999 that she went on to receive her M.F.A. at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. From 2002-2006, Oskoui taught at the Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Muenchen, New Media Arts with Professor Klaus vom Bruch. Oskoui also continues to teach by invitation, and leads innovative and intuitive painting classes entitled “Express Yourself.” Currently, Oskoui’s artistic work explores the intersection of cultural myth and the perception of the reality inhabited. “I believe communication on all levels, across all media, is the underpinning of better understanding. Before the picture stands the word.”


2013 – Los Angeles, CA, Los Angles Art Show, Dermot Begley Fine Arts Gallery, “How The West Was Won” – one day performance with Stefan Wilking

2013 – Los Angeles, CA, Jancar Gallery, “Reverse Engineering” by Micol Hebron – We Are Here For You – Marjam Oskoui, performer

2013 – Art Side Studios, “Express Yourself” – one day workshop

2012 – Los Angeles, CA, Papillion Art Centre, “Beautiful” – group show

2012 – Los Angeles, CA, Post L.A. Kamikaze Show – invited by Monica Nowens

2012 – Los Angeles, CA, New Mastedon – group show

2011 – Art Blocks for Ghana, Picture Book Foundation M

2011 – Los Angeles, CA, Sia Aryaj Gallery, Melrose, “White Paintings” – winter show

2010 – Pasadena, CA, Common Thread Studio, “Dogs”

2009 – Los Angeles, CA, MOCA Auction, “White Paintings” – invitation by Philipp Kaiser, curator

2009 – Glendale, CA, Glendale College, “White Painting, Let the Trees Decide”