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Sepideh Salehi works in various mediums utilizes different processes ranging from painting, drawing to printmaking, photography, video art and animation. She is a storyteller and her lyrical style is brought to life with her numerous series, including “MohrPortrait”, “Memories”, “La memoria, il vento e la poesia”. Mixing drippings, frottage and layering techniques, Sepideh’s works offer snapshots of her personal experiences and memories of Iran. Mixing narrative and picture, Sepideh creates abstractions out of these unfolding events and challenges traditional testimony and illustration. Sepideh Salehi was born in Tehran, Iran and her childhood was marked by the tumultuous times of the Islamic revolution and Iran-Iraq war. As a woman she was especially affected by the sociopolitical changes caused by the heightened consciousness of Islam and the religious fervor that swept the country. Salehi ultimately left Iran to study art in Italy, later moving to the United States. Sepideh’s work has been exhibited internationally in Italy, Iran, France, Switzerland and the United States. Some of the venues Salehi has shown her work include, Patterning at Kentler International Drawing Space Brooklyn, ART BRIEF III: THE (UN)DRAPED WOMAN CA, Contemporary Art Biennale Iran, STRAPPA Rogue Space Chelsea NY, Craft and Folk Art Museum LA, the cutlog Art Fair NY,Tribeca Video Art NY, Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, Virgiliano Museum and International Bologna Art Fair Italy.

Artist Statement

My individual work spans printing, photography and video,animation, and revolves around the poetics of the veil as well as the stories from my own country of origin. My work primarily relies on paper,from which I creates videos, collages, drawing, photography and painting.The manual process is seminal to my language and identity as an Iranian woman;however,the topics I explores,namely the power,the violence, the identity straddling national borders and cultures, as well as the role of women in our contemporary world, raise questions that refer to a more universal way of thinking.The concept of covering up, hiding and privacy are all of interest to me. Utilizing writing and words as a form of drawing is one way I find my imagery. These drawings emerge from a union between the immediacy of line and the direct and literal communicative properties of writing.I have also used the traditional Muslim prayer stone as a starting point. I borrow the etched images on the prayer stones to create patterns through rubbing and printing.The repeated images of the stones create a rhythm leading me in the end,to an imagery revealing layers upon layers. They form a pattern,echo words that become evident through this deliberate meditative work process.



2005 Accademia di belle Arti of Florence, Italy, M.F.A.,in visual art and multimedia

2000 Liberal School of Nude, Florence,Italy

1998 University of Azad – Tehran, B.A., in English Language and Translation



2016 Peace on Paper, Iran Contemporary Art Biennale at Niavaran Cultural Center,

Tehran, Iran

2016 STRAPPA : Dialogue and Performance exhibition at Rogue Space, New York,


2015 Archimedes Bathtub at Lorimoto Gallery, Ridgewood-NY

2015 Focus Iran: Contemporary Photography and Video at Craft & Folk Art

Museum, Los Angeles, CA

2014 The Photography Show presented by The Committee and AKArt advisory at

Site/109, New York, NY

2014 ARE WE ALREADY GONE? Artists on the Art of Leaving at Flicker Lab, New

York, NY

2014 Video screening as a VAEFF Special Selections at the cutlog New York, NY Art


2014 Circumstances at Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY

2013 TRACES: Drawings in Motion,at Kentler International Drawing Space,

Brooklyn, NY

2011 Video screening at Video Art and Experimental Film Festival at Tribeca

Cinemas, NewYork

2011 Bilateral Trace: Four Emerging Artists From Iran at Strohl Art Center in

Chautauqua nstitution, Chautauqua, NY

2011 MARKED DIFFERENCES at Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY

2010 WAR & PEACE at Kentler International Drawing Space,Brooklyn, NY

2010 PROXIMITY video screening at PAH! Space, Fribourg, Switzerland

2009 “the map is not the territory” curated by DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival

and New York Foundation For the Arts, Brooklyn, NY

2009 Video screening at Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy

2008 Aftermath, video screening at Target Gallery in Tropedo Factory Art Center,

Alexandria, VA

2008 One Planet, One Experiment, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago

2008 Food, Arte di Cibarsi – Cibarsi d’ Arte, video screening Palazzo Roffia, San

Miniato, Italy

2008 Ondavideo, Donne, Image of the women between photography, film and video

art, Pisa, Italy

2007 International Contemporary Art Fair, Europeans young Artists,video

screening, Mulhous, France

2007 Echi da Tehran, Iranian Contemporary Artists at Palazzo Comunale, Pistoia,


2006 Opus Liber Project, Book of Art at Academy of Arts and Design, Florence, Italy

2006 International Contemporary Art Fair in Bologna, video screening at the

Biagiotti Gallery, Bologna, Italy

2005 Opus Liber Project, Book of Art, at Museum of Virginian Mantova, Italy

2005 Opus Liber Project, Book of Art at Rafaello’s House, Urbino, Italy



2014-2016 NYFA, Mentoring Program for immigrant Artists, New York, Mentor

2013- 2016 Pardis for Children, New York, language and Art teacher


2013 Asia Society, New York, workshop “Persian New Year Family Day”, co-

Pardis for Children

Asia Society, New York, workshop “Passport to Asia”

Asia Society, New York, workshop “Persian New Year Family Day”, co-

Pardis for Children

Asia Society, New York , workshop “Iran Modern”, co-presented by

Pardis for Children

2006 Accademia di belle Arti of Florence, Italy, teaching fellowship at

Laboratorio di pittura