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Kamran Sharif was born in Tabriz, Iran, in 1978. With multiple solo exhibitions worldwide, Kamran’s work is internationally appraised. His works have been exhibited at numerous galleries, and he is a vibrant contributing member of the Los Angeles artist community.


  • 1978 – Borne
  • Award winning artist, well known through Iran, Dubai, and United States
  • 2003 – Diploma of Honor, Tehran Sculpture Biennials
  • 2007 – Diploma of Honor, Tehran Biennial
  • 2007 – Diploma of Honor, Tehran Festival of Moghavemat
  • 2003 – Research/Education fund for Cite International Design Paris
  • 2015 – Kingston Biennial New York


  • 1990-1994: Mirak/School of Art and Design, Diploma of Art, Tabriz, Iran
  • 1996-1998: Tehran University of Art, Sculpting Certificate, Tehran, Iran


  • 2011-Present: Owner, Sharif and Yas Art Studio, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2000-Present: Active Member, The Society of Sculptors, Tehran, Iran
  • 2011-Present: Approved Artist, City of Pasadena California, Pasadena, CA


  • Up to 20 Group Exhibitions in Iran, Dubai, France, and United States
  • Up to 8 Solo Exhibitions, in Iran, France, and United States
  • Up to 4 Public Sculptures in Tehran
  • Up to 3 pieces in museums’ permanent collections
  • 2014 – Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
  • 2015 – Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
  • 2015 – Museum Funf Continente Monchen Germany
  • 2014 – Pulse Miami Beach Contemporary Art Fair USA