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Selected Works by Hadi Salehi

Artist Statement

Hadi creates in layers, he is always experimenting with the developing process of each photograph. Using a myriad of antique cameras, Hadi’s work begins with an analog portrait of his subjects, followed by the manipulation of those images. Hadi carefully pulls each photograph apart in their base negative form, and applies emulsion in a painterly fashion to create spontaneous and dynamic effects to the ink of the photograph. Through this layering of positives and negatives, text and imagery, Hadi creates imagery that is unique and soulful, and as modern as it is vintage.

Haparoot (2/3), 2009, Type C, Analog Light Jet, 30 x 38 in

Edition one recently added to the LACMA Permanent Collection, accession number M.2020.98
with appreciation to the patronage of Fariba & Herzl Lary.

Shiva Loka, 2019, Edition of 3 +2 AP, Layered Analog Negative Silver Print, 40 x 38 in

The Meadow, 2008, Layered inkjet print hand calligraphed by the artist, 56 x 42 in

Eva In Mist, 2010, edition of 3+1AP, Type C, Analog Light Jet, 30×38 in

Twins- Calligraphed, 2006, Inkjet Hand Calligraphed by the Artist, 40×30 in

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