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Growing up in different countries. Being exposed to such diversity, the gypsies in Spain, vibrantly colored turbans in the Middle East, and the wild punks on Melrose Avenue. Awakened my soul and deepened my connection to the collective consciousness . And made me have the most bright perspective on life. I am grateful and lucky to have had this journey. My blueprint was designed just perfectly. I cherish the marks the pain made on my DNA. We all have the choice to shift our perspective and see life as we please. Why not see the world as a neon playground. Being an artist is not something you choose. You are chosen from the divine to transfer the creative energy from the either. It’s in my soul. In my veins. So much to my immigrant parents disappointment I naturally ended up with a design and Art degree.

I call myself a quantum pop artist. Bright colors. Fun quantum shapes that heal the pain in your heart from your third eye view. You can see my obsession with mathematics and quantum physics in my pieces. Particularly the mystical power behind the number 33 which is also my life path number. As well as my obsession with the 369 method. These numbers crop up in all of my work. To bring the frequency of love to the observer.   I want my art to make your heart smile, and make your soul dance.  My passion is art and my purpose is to be the voice for animals. 

Series Statement:  C1P is the spirit of my dog Copper who I met in a meditation during a time when my pup was on his way to the next dimension.

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