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About Kaveh Irani



Kaveh Irani is an Iranian born visual artist. He received his BFA in visual arts from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada and his MFA in painting from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, United States.

Prior  moving to North America he worked as banknote designer. His works include painting, collages, sculpture, and sound installations.His works mainly deals with the concept of identity diaspora and  topophilia.

Artist Statement:

Kaveh Irani’s works often take up the immigrant experience, transporting us out of the US entirely. Imbuing objects with significance of their origins, he brings disparate things together in ways that explore how they do and do not resonate with one another. His assemblage works call up the space of travel through the use of fabrics, acrylic paints, spray paint, and other elements that suggest another time and place, evoking remembered or misremembered moments and states of being.

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