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Rebecca Setareh, a resident of Southern California, has garnered international attention for her talents. In addition to receiving a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the Institut des Beaux-Arts St. Luc in Liege, Belgium, Rebecca has also won top tier prizes in competitions across the world. Rebecca has been featured in numerous exhibitions nationally, and has most recently received praise for her unique, graceful integration of rock and bronze. Her choice in medium attempts to break through society’s illusory tendency to categorize and label while often segregating as a result. Indeed, the smooth, fluid lines of the godly bronze figures that Rebecca sculpts and the rough, unrefined rock should create a stark contrast side by side; however, the effect is quite the opposite. Appreciating Rebecca’s work is like peeking into a soul that is both tormented and tranquil; curious and resolute; precarious and balanced. One cannot help but to become blissfully lost in the figures as she is overcome with an endless flow of harmony and balance. With each piece, Rebecca strives to capture a figurative moment in time that communicates the burden of the human condition, at times drawing from several turning points of her own life. Beautifully so, Rebecca creates an aesthetically-whole form from inherently contrasting materials in a creative process that represents the struggle of life itself. “As I search for the rock that will pair with the body,” she states, “it becomes obvious that the humanly created world and nature mesh quite well together.”