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Hadi Salehi: SOUL – Artist+Curator Led Exhibition Tour

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Join us for an artist+curator led tour of Hadi Salehi’s ongoing solo exhibition of analogue photography, SOUL.

Beginning promptly at 3 pm, join us at our West Hollywood gallery.

434 N. La Cienega Blvd. (just south of Melrose)
West Hollywood, CA 90048.

For more information or to request a catalogue, email

Please RSVP here.
Curatorial Statement:
Hadi Salehi warmly greets us with his new exhibition SOUL, showcasing works created during the pandemic. Tapping into a deeper level of consciousness, Hadi Salehi’s analogue photography treats image making as a poetic practice. The unique mechanical and chemical processes employed by the experienced artist coalesce to form a metrical composition that transcends definition. By intimately exploring these ethereal portraits, this exhibition strives to articulate the spiritual nexus Hadi Salehi intuits as the connection amidst all life. Looking beyond mere physicality, Hadi strives to capture hearts, imbuing his compositions with an expressive essence singular to each subject. Hadi connects to souls, through his work he invites others to discover, honor, and cherish the layered spiritual presence of this existence.

Artist Biography:
Hadi Salehi is a master of the art of analog photography. Salehi’s images capture diverse portraits that are powerful and soft, leaving a haunting quality that lingers in the psyche. Salehi seeks to create a collective awareness as a cultural messenger through his images, revealing quiet truths through his process intensive works. With a career that spans more than 40 years, Salehi has closely documented cultural innovators such as Keith Haring, as well as developed an expansive body of analog, digital, film, and mixed media works. Hadi Salehi is a graduate of Art Center College of Design, Pasadena and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Current Exhibit: An Art + Design Collaboration

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Exclusive Preview: Press and invite only November 1, 2018

Time: 7:30 – 10:30 p.m.

Public Viewing Dates: November 2, 2018 to November 15, 2018 during gallery hours

(Tues. – Sat. 12-5pm)

(Please see details below.)

(Los Angeles, California—October 1, 2018)

View the Catalogue Here

THE SPACE by ADVOCARTSY, created to raise awareness of and engagement within Iranian contemporary art, is pleased to collaborate with LA-based, Iranian Interior Designer, Ryan Saghian. This is THE SPACE’s first design and art collaboration. ADVOCARTSY’S mission is to elevate awareness and engagement with Iranian contemporary art. With this collaboration, ADVOCARTSY broadens its mission by engaging the community with a noted Iranian designer expanding public exposure. The art chosen for this debut collaboration carries a wide range of expression that will resonate and intrigue its audience within the contemporary art realm at large. “I am honored to be the first designer chosen to collaborate with ADVOCARTSY. Art is everything when it comes to interior design. It reflects the style of homeowner and it should be a representation of who you are,” says interior designer, Ryan Saghian. “As an Iranian American, Iranian Contemporary art speaks to me on a personal level, and also reveals the essence of the human condition which plays a major role in everyone’s life.” “In this collaboration, we have selected a wide range works by Iranian contemporary artists. The work appeals to the sophisticated design world with a universal connection,” says Roshi Rahnama. “All the work chosen are of museum quality and reflect the style and sophistication that Ryan Saghian brings to all his projects.” Great art has become an essential component of a modern home. The collaboration speaks to the importance of art in the home as it speaks to the self-expression of the collector. The art showcased and selected for this collaboration is from a roster ADVOCARTSY collaborating artists which reflect a wide range of expression and speak to the unique experiences of the Iranian Artists. The selection includes multimedia, sculpture, painting, and digital photography. The artists selected for this unique showing include: Hessam Abrishami, Pouya Afshar, Afsoon, Shahram Karimi, Dana Nehdaran, Mobina Nouri, Aida Izadpanah, Rebecca Setareh, Sepideh Salehi, Shilla Shakoori, and Melika Shafahi, Farnaz Zabetian.

Learn more about our Art + Design Collaboration artists: 

Hessam Abrishami

Hessam Abrishami was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1951. He has been greatly influenced by the ancient history that surrounded him as a child. Seeking a society free from the limitations of modern day Iran, Hessam left his home country to expand his knowledge and awareness of the outside, changing world. Currently, Hessam has countless private collectors world-wide and has exhibited in over 130 One-Man Gallery Shows, over 30 International Exhibitions, and multiple Museums Exhibitions. Hessam was recently presented with the “Key to the City” of Ormond Beach, Florida where his work is currently displayed in the Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Pouya Afshar

Pouya Afshar works in a diverse range of media to create artworks that challenge the socio-political concerns of both eastern and western cultures. He has exhibited his work as an animator and visual artist at renowned locations such as Harold M. Williams Auditorium at the Getty Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Santa Monica Art studios, among others. Currently, Pouya is an assistant professor of Art and Design at University of Massachusetts, Lowell.


Afsoon works with her own collection of vintage images to create illustrious collages. Through a combination of techniques, Afsoon’s rich, and often playful, works reflect the merging of East and West, allowing the audience to find the familiar and foreign. Afsoon’s works have been extensively exhibited and can be found worldwide in prominent collections and museums, including the British Museum, Los Angeles County Museum and Berger/YSL Collection, among others.

Aida Izadpanah

Aida Izadpanah possesses a diverse repertoire of media and styles, having worked for many years in acrylic, oil, mixed media, watercolor, photography, floral design, and porcelain painting. She specializes in European styles, ethnic Persian motifs, and modern designs, as well as dynamically textured abstract works. She is currently based in New York City.

Shahram Karimi

Shahram Karimi’s paintings portray the dilemma of the contemporary bicultural Iranian who seeks his historical and personal identity by wedding his personal past with contemporary form. Each one of Karimi’s paintings relates a fragment of his memories and national history, each a piece of his personal past. Shahram Karimi’s works are exhibited internationally.  Karimi is also a renowned curator and art critic. (New York City)

Dana Nehdaran

Dana Nehdaran studied painting in Iran and recently migrated to New York. Nehdaran’s portraits captivatingly capture the nostalgia and historical past, seamlessly connecting the past to contemporary culture.

Hadi Salehi

Hadi Salehi is a master of analog photography who resides in Los Angeles.  Salehi’s images capture diverse portraits that are nostalgic, powerful and soft, leaving a haunting quality that lingers in the psyche.

Sepideh Salehi

Sepideh Salehi is based in New York City and works in collages, paintings, printing, photography, and video animation. Her works revolve around the poetics of the veil as well as stories from her country of origin.

Rebecca Setareh

Rebecca Setareh has garnered international attention for her talents. She has been featured in numerous exhibitions nationally, and has most recently received praise for her unique, graceful integration of rock and bronze. Beautifully so, Rebecca creates an aesthetically-whole form from inherently contrasting materials in a creative process that represents the struggle of life itself.

Melika Shafahi

Melika Shafahi was born in 1984 in Tehran, Iran. She lives and works in Tehran & Paris. In her photographic work she aims to show the hidden part of life in Iran, the private life of her generation who were born after the 1979 revolution, a generation far from religious fundamentalism. Her artistic focus is on the contradictions between public and private life of the Iranians, as well as how westernization has affected her generation.

Shilla Shakoori

Shilla Shakoori is a painter whose diverse artistic output springs from an exploration of the synthesis between native and adopted cultures. Shakoori’s works are strongly influenced by Iranian philosophy and myth, with strong influences by Rumi.

Shadi Yousefian

Shadi Yousefian is currently based in San Francisco. Yousefian’s mixed media work reflects and addresses issues that touch on universal themes such as loss, dislocation, alienation, and reinvention. Shadi has work in the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among others.

Farnaz Zabetian

Farnaz Zabetian paints manifestations of daily life, exploring the struggles of Eastern women as they are forced to navigate social taboos and ideals since birth. Her symbolic and expressive portraits of these women depict their private thoughts and yearnings, as well as their perceived relationship with the rapidly modernizing world. Zabetian is based in the San Francisco bay area.

General information:

Private showing: November 1st (INVITE ONLY)

Public viewing: November 2 – November 15

Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 12.– 5 p.m.


9th and San Pedro Building, 924 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, 90015

Free parking: Behind the San Pedro Building

ABOUT RYAN SAGHIAN  Born in Los Angeles, Ryan received his Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of California’s CIDA design school. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Ryan has endured a body of design skills taking human elements into consideration when designing a space. To add to his extensive portfolio of work, Ryan recently launched Ryan Saghian Collection, a custom couture furniture collection available through J Alexander and his new flagship showroom in Los Angeles. All pieces are handmade in Los Angeles and can be fully customized. In addition to his new furniture line and showroom, Ryan also recently introduced his own Wallcoverings collection, handmade with rich, natural materials including fine silk, cork, and grasscloths.


Instagram: @RyanSaghian

Twitter: @RyanSaghian


THE SPACE is a permanent extension of ADVOCARTSY’s Art Brief exhibition series launched in 2015, a contemporary fine arts platform that aims to raise awareness and engagement with Iranian contemporary art. ADVOCARTSY hosts diverse fine art events, educational programs, exhibitions, and other events, with a wide range of collaborations, both nationally and internationally as a nexus for artists, critics, curators, and collectors. The 1,800 square-foot-space is ideally situated in the heart of Downtown LA’s Fashion District, minutes from the rapidly expanding arts district and LA’s newest museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.



Instagram: @Advocartsy

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